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Product titles:Aluminum Sulfate
Aluminum Sulfate Application:
1.Water effluent treatment system.It's used for purification of drinking water and wastewater treatment by settling of impurities by means of precipitation and flocculation.
2.Paper Industry .It helps in sizing of paper at neutral and alkaline pH, thus improving paper quality (reducing spots and holes and improving sheet formation and strength) and sizing efficiency.
3. Textile Industry : It is used for color fixing in Naphthol based dyes for cotton fabri.
Other use: Leather tanning, lubricating compositions, fire retardants; decolorizing agent in petroleum,deodorizer; foodadditive; firming agent etc
Other Uses
Leather tanning, lubricating compositions, fire retardants; decolorizing agent in petroleum, deodorizer; food additive; firming agent; dyeing mordant; foaming agent in firefighting foams; fireproofing cloth; catalyst; pH control; waterproofing concrete; aluminum compounds, zeolites etc.
Appearance: White Flake or Blocks or Powder
Packing: 50kg in net PP bag, 25MT in the 20"FCL 
Uses: Treatment water,
Granularity: 15mm
Use: treatment of drinking water and industrial water, high-grade paper making and high-grade titanium pigment production.
Quality standard :
Al2O3 %≥16.517
Water   insoluble %≤0.10.05
PH   value  1% aqueous solution≥3.03.19
As %≤0.00010.0001
Heavy   metals as Pb %≤0.002NONE   DETECTED
Fe2O3 %≤0.010.005
Fe2O3≤0.5 %0.47%
PH value≥3.03.1
Water insoluble matter≤0.1%0.08%
Item nameStandardResults
PH value≥3.03.1
Auminum Sulphate 15.6% Flakes/Power            
Average Size 0-3mm/5-25mm0-3mm/5-25mm
Aluminium Oxide Al2O3 %15.6min15.98
Iron (Fe) %0.5max0.3
Water Insoluble %0.15max0.1
PH Value33.19
As %0.0005max0.0001
Heavy Metal (As Pb) %0.002maxPASS
 Chemical index
ItemsTechnical   requirements (grade a) targets(company)   measured
Alumina (AL 2O 3)≥15.80%16.00%
Iron (Fe)content≤0.0050%0.00%
Water insoluble≤0.30%0.10%
Particle size15mm Max15mm Max
Arsenic (AS)content<0.0005%<0.000005%
Heavy metal content≤0.002%0.00%
AppearanceMicro strip grey blockpass muster
1. Chemical and Physical Properties:
CAS No: 10043-01-3 
EINECS NO:233-135-0
Model Number:AS-1
Molecular Formula:Al2(SO4)3
Shape:Flake or Granular or Powder or Lump
Appearance:Light green/grey or white flake,particle or massive crystallization.
Aluminum sulfate
Product grade:Non-ferric aluminium sulphate
Al2O3: 15.91-17.00(%)
1.Product introduction:
Aluminum sulfate Al2(SO4) 3l8H2O is one kind inorganic basic variety, mainly used for paper and net of marine pollution. In paper-making industry, as paper sizing agent with rosin and paper wastewater treatment. In terms of water, water for urban and industrial wastewater treatment. In addition, also widely used in leather tanning, mordant, oil clarifying and decoloring agent, anti-inflammatory extinguishing materials, as well as for the manufacture of other aluminum salts such as ammonium alum, potassium alum, aluminum stearate and so on.
Product quality in line with the requirements of the Ministry of Chemical HC2227-91 first-class goods.
2.. Package:
50Kg 25Kg 1000Kg plastic bag with lined PE bag or according to customers' requirements.
3. Storage:
The product is liable to absorb moisture and clot due to long-term exposure.
It should be stored in a cool, shady and ventilative warehouse.
Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine
PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes. 
It is widely used to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle etc. 
Beverage bottle, cosmetic bottle, medicine bottle, jar etc.
Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.
Aluminum Sulphate 15.6% Flakes/Power  
Water treatment
Aluminium sulfate is used in water purification it causes impurities to coagulate into larger particles and then settle to the bottom of the container (or be filtered out)
Textile agent
In dyeing and printing cloth, the gelatinous precipitate helps the dye adhere to the clothing fibers by rendering the pigment insoluble.
Aluminium sulfate is sometimes used to reduce the pH of garden soil, medicine and food,etc.   
4.Aluminum Sulfate Package,shippment and Storage:
1.    Liquid: plastic barrels shipped, have net 25kg, 50kg two pack sizes may be stored in acid tanks. 20-25MT will be loaded in per 20'FCL container.
 2.Solid: plastic woven bag lined with plastic film bag, net weight 50kg.
3.The solid product is easy to absorb moisture (moisture absorption does not affect the quality of performance), should be stored in a dry ventilated place.
4.Products shall not with toxic and harmful substances during storage.      Salt

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  China Vr Walking Game Machine
Geschrieben von: johnny123 - 20.11.2019, 08:27 - Forum: Vorspeisen - Keine Antworten

9d Vr Shooting Games Machine 
Product name:9d Vr Shooting Games Machine 
Product attributes:Interaction、Ornamental and entertaining 
Adventure Park 9D VR Walking Shooting Car Racing Game Simulator arcade game machine 
Product parameters: 
Voltagel/Power 110-240V|330W|1.5A 
VR headset HTC VIVE(2K) 
Game quantity(included) 30 pcs 
Playing time 5 mins(can reset as needed) 
Weight NW:130kgs/GW:230kgs 
Packing Size(LXWXH) 83cmX59cmX205cm/170cmX138cmX103cm    
List of goods 1XHTCVIVE,2X platforms(42”display included) 
Computer configuration CPU:E3(=i7) - intel USA 
Graphic card:GTX1060 - ZOTAC Hongkong 
Main board:B85M - ASUS Taiwan 
Hard disk:SSD 240G - ZOTAC Hongkong 
Memory card:8GB DDR4 - Kingston USA 
Product features and Applications: 
- Perfect Location Tracking 
360 degrees location tracking with whole view, differentiate from tradition entertainment program.   
- live streaming 
Equipped with HD television platform with live streaming of game picture brings better phenomena for clients 
- 360 degree whole view VR glass 
Virtual and real world’s perfect fusion gives player authentic feeling 
- Safe design 
The human interaction space in the super large position experiences a wide range of free movement of "anti winding" design defense 
Application: various entertainment venues。Shopping center, theme pavilion, big shopping square and so on! 
Considerate service, no worry after sale:  
Why us? 
1. Our company always adhere to the quality-oriented, to strive for the goal, to produce the products sold at home and abroad which are widely admired by our customers. 
2. We always provide high-quality after-sales service and do our best for customers. 
Is the price negotiable? 
Actual pricing will vary depending on the model, quantity and packaging selected. 
About logistics 
We will choose the best and suitable logistics and express delivery for different regional markets to achieve greater faster better and more economical results. 
We always choose large logistics and express delivery companies which are reliable and garanteed. 
Time of delivery 
Usually we can deliver the goods within 15 days after receiving your order. 
Contact us 
1. +86 18143497008 
2. Online messages 
3. message on Wechat Official Account 
4. Click on the customer service window on the web page 
5. Email:jasonkang@vrcorgi.com 
  China Vr Walking Game Machine

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  Hexagonal Laser Carved 2 In 1 Wooden Box factory
Geschrieben von: johnny123 - 20.11.2019, 08:26 - Forum: Vorspeisen - Keine Antworten

Our History
Lu Yi Company was established in 1985.Till now we have been one of the leading enterprises of wood products in Heze city, Shandong province, China.
Our total export value is over 50,000,000 USD in 2015. We maintain 8% annual growth in the past 5 years.
Our Factory
The factory covers more than 300,000 ㎡ and holds 1800 workers, also we have 150 experienced Business people.
Our Product
Wooden giftware, wooden houseware, wooden decoration item, wooden seasonal ornament, wooden gardenware, wooden pet products.
Product Application
Gift, promotional, decoration, pet, garden.
Our Certificate
BSCI, FCS, ISO9001, ISO14001, TARGET factory audit, Walmart factory audit, MARKS&SPENCER SEDEX, MICHAELS factory audit, JO-ANN STORES audit etc.
Production Equipment
Electronic Engraving Machine 、Laser Cutting Machine、 Thermo Printing Machine, Vertical single-shaft mortise machine, Vertical uniaxial woodworking router etc.
Production Market
Main market: Europe 30%, U.S.A. 25%, Canada 15%, Japan 10%, others 20%
The value of export is 50, 000, 000 USD dollars in last year
Our Service
We're more than happy to offer our assistance immediately whenever we received your request.
In the pre-sales, our rich experience can help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your own design.
During the production we will actively update the production progress to you.
After sales, we shall help to expand the market, and should there's any serious quality problem about the articles we produced, we can replenish the goods in future order.Hexagonal Laser Carved 2 In 1 Wooden Box factory

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  Wavy Wall Panels suppliers
Geschrieben von: johnny123 - 20.11.2019, 08:26 - Forum: Vorspeisen - Keine Antworten

◆Our History
Guangzhou Lephon Decorative Materials Co., Ltd. is a leading professional manufacturer and designer of interior panels & decorative products in Guangzhou for more than 10 years. Start as a small workshop with several workers mainly for domestic market, now Lephon has developed to a professional decorative panels factory including carving workshop, polishing workshop, painting workshop, wood craft workshop, packing and storage warehouse. The business is also booming both in domestic and overseas market. Our design and research team stays updated with the latest design and material trends, improving our currents products, designing new patterns, developing new products and sourcing new materials so that we can continue to lead the trend in interior decoration industry. 
◆Our Factory
Lephon factory is located in Caozhuang Industry Zone, Taihe Town, Guangzhou city, China, occupying an area of about 20,000 square meters with several workshops such as molding, engraving, polishing, painting, packing, wood craftwork and so on. Through these years’ rapid development, Lephon has imported advanced CNC routers & Cutting machines, technical polishing & painting masters, experienced sales and design team to become one of the largest decorative materials enterprises in South China.  
◆Our Product
3D Wall Panels, MDF Wave Panels, Decorative Grille Panels, Textured Wall Panels, Sculptured Wall Panels, Carved Decorative Panels, etc.
◆Product Application
home, offices, halls, party, hotel, factory, workshop, restaurant, theatre, etc. for interior decoration
◆Production Market
Based on advanced production technology, professional production engineering, first-class production quality, competitive price & advantage of service, Lephon has its own sales network in global market place. As a well-know brand in China, Lephon also win the favor of customers around the world and establish a good relationship with overseas customers including Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Afice, etc.  
◆Our service
Taking customer-centered and credit management as business philosophy, Lephon always provide customers with reasonable purchasing suggestion, free small samples before sales and installation guidance, quality issue responsibility after sales. In production, Lephon take serious quality control, supply QC report to clients before shipment.
Lephon’s design team use professional software, any patterns (designs) can be customized. Different size can also be made according to customers’ special requirement.Wavy Wall Panels suppliers

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  bulk Printed Pure Cotton Fabric Quilt
Geschrieben von: johnny123 - 20.11.2019, 08:25 - Forum: Vorspeisen - Keine Antworten

Gaomi Jutian International Trade Co., Ltd. Is one of the sub-companies of Gaomi Tianfu Textile Co., Ltd., established specially for the international business. Our general company is located at Gaomi City, Shandong Province, China.
Our company mainly produces all kinds of towels, bathrobes, towel blankets, quilts, 90% of the products are exported to U.S.A., Japan, Australia, Russia, U.K., Germany, and other Asian countries. Because of the high quality and rich varieties, our customers are very satisfied with them.
The main equipment such as weaving machines, dyeing machines, printing machines are imported from Italy, Japan, H.K., and Taiwan. They should be the most advanced at present. Even some towels are very complicated, they can be produced. The best equipment are the base for ensuring the high quality.
We have a technology team, the technicians have very rich towel making experience. Some of them are engaged from Japan and Taiwan. They not only make the technology documents of the towels from customers, but also develop the designs for the customers.
Our company has very strong quality concept, we regard the quality as our lives. The quality is properly controlled in each process. We have the quality control during production, we have control for the finished products, we also have the quality inspection before shipment in the warehouses.
As far as the delivery time concerned, we consider for our customers, if no exception, we deliver the goods in time. We also pay much attention to the environment and the social responsibility. We have got the certificates of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
We warmly welcome the customers all over the world can visit our company and do the win-win business.bulk Printed Pure Cotton Fabric Quilt

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  cheap Power Wheelchair
Geschrieben von: johnny123 - 20.11.2019, 08:24 - Forum: Vorspeisen - Keine Antworten

Foldable Power Chair is a traditional rear-wheel drive chair that maneuvers easily and can negotiate obstacles both inside and outside the home. It offers all the features you want at an affordable price. It easily disassembles and folds for transport.
Specifications of Foldable power chair
Product Name: Foldable power chairController:Micon
Motor:2*200W DC Brush MotorBraking System: Electromagnetic Brake
Frame Material: SteelLoading Capacity:120kg
Travel Range:16km-20kmMax Speed:9km/h
Turning radius: ≤0.6mClimbing Slope: 8°-15°
Front Tires: 8"*2pcs solid tiresRear Tires: 16"*2pcs Pneumatic tires
Braking distance: ≤0.5mSeat width: 16.9"(43cm)
Seat depth:16.9"(43cm)Seat height:19.7"(50cm)
Battery Type: Lead acid battery 20AHColor: Black,white or customized
Unfolded Dimensions: 41.3"*23.6"*37.4Folded Dimensions: 39.4"*15"*28.3"
Weight w/o battery: 66.1lbs(30KG)Full weight: 92.6lbs(42kg)
MOQ for sample: 2 UnitsMOQ: 30 Units
Certificate:CEWarranty:12 monthscheap Power Wheelchair

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  Speed Humps
Geschrieben von: johnny123 - 20.11.2019, 08:24 - Forum: Vorspeisen - Keine Antworten

Cable Protector 2 Channel
1.Great for indoor or outdoor use ,on the road or in the exposition
2.Interlocking modules, no tools required
3.Bright yellow safety cover with warning symbols
4.available for the heavy truck over 30MT
5.Easy placement and removal of cables/hose lines with open-top style
1.Lid can be used in winter ,good conditions
2.Cheap style with two channels,light ,easy charryingSpeed Humps

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Geschrieben von: johnny123 - 20.11.2019, 08:24 - Forum: Vorspeisen - Keine Antworten

OEM: 51.05504-0098
MANN: HU 1381X

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  wholesale Wood Tea Table
Geschrieben von: johnny123 - 20.11.2019, 08:23 - Forum: Vorspeisen - Keine Antworten

EOFurniture Company is the branch company of Liaoning EO Technology Co., Ltd which is a privately run company since 2002 in Shenyang. We have our brother factory belongs to our main company which can help us produce the furniture as our design or client needs. We offer one stop buying service. EOFurniture company has more than 10 years experience in furniture field and we can provide outstanding services all through the process of our cooperation with our clients. All our products are manufactured according to the standards of ISO9001:14001, and have been issued the certifications of CE, ROHS.We have strictly control from production to quality checking. 
Our main product included the bed, sofa, table, chair,cabinet, meanwhile we can also offer the decorations for above, thus like the bed cover, sofa cover, cushion cover, tablecloth and so on.
With the competitive price and reliable quality, we establish long-term business relationship with so many customers from all over the world.Our Main market mainly concentrated in America, Russia, Spanish,Brazil,Korea and so on.
Our service, “your satisfaction is our goal” This is the slogan we need to shout out everyday is the morning meeting which is also deeply impressed in our minds. So we can offer warm and effective communication with our clients according their different character and every year we will attend many furniture exhibitions in the world to know more the new and trend of the filed and have more chance to know the client needs face to face.
If you need furniture, EO is your best choice.wholesale Wood Tea Table

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  wholesale Axle Shaft With Double U Joint
Geschrieben von: johnny123 - 20.11.2019, 08:23 - Forum: Vorspeisen - Keine Antworten

Xi'an Xin Sanming Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Profile
Xi'an Xin Sanming Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is located in the advanced manufacturing industry base of Weibei Industrial Zone of the ancient capital Xi'an and adjacent to Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Ltd., Shanxi Hande Axle Co., Ltd. The company is surrounded by expressways. It is very convenient to go to our company. The company has inherited the Xi'an Sanming Auto Parts Co., Ltd. all the business, focused in the research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of automotive drive line and axle components. Over the years, we have been supporting the supply of the host plant half shafts with universal joint and brake camshaft products.
Company focus on technical innovation and development, temper has a excellent and efficient technology team, have many experienced auto parts products R & D personnel (16% of the total number of staff), the R & D personnel with years of key components of automotive development experience.
Company take the USA Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) CREO3.0 software as the core, and a full range of services to the product conceptual design, scheme optimization design, 3D modeling design and motion simulation of mechanical design and analysis of product development process, and the use of USA PTC company of PDM system, the production technology data and scientific management, greatly shorten the new product development cycle, improves the response speed of feedback on the user's personalized demand and market information.
The company has been the continuous innovation as the soul of the enterprise development! The company has first-class experimental resources, and provide a complete test means for the improvement of the new product development and product quality.
The company’s half shafts with universal joint series products cover rated torsion from 1500 N·m to 17500 n·m. There are 5 products applying  patent. 
Top with professional, focused, and excellent quality, the company products to win the user's trust, also has a variety of off-road vehicle, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and other domestic brands and joint venture brand loyal users. The company of "quality" strategy and timely and thoughtful service, improve user loyalty, makes the product market share has always been among the best in the heavy duty truck market. Since 2003, Xi'an Xin Sanming Company has been being the sole supplier of the half shafts with universal joint of Shaanxi Hande Axle Company.
The company uses the ERP system, APS production precision scheduling system, so that the company's management data to achieve a comprehensive integration achieving the company's lean management.
The company has an production line with an annual output of 100000  half shaft with universal joints,a production line with an annual output
Of 200000 brake camshafts and about 300000 parts induction quenching production line.
The company is establishing ISO / TS16949 quality management system, with the United States Thermo Fisher's direct reading spectrometer, Germany Schenck dynamic balancing machine and other test equipment, for manufacturing process and final product inspection and testing of the whole, to ensure the production and product quality is reliable and stable.
Company adhering to the "technology innovation, quality and continuous improvement" principle of service, adhere to the implement the philosophy of "bold innovation, Seiko secret agents, user attention, continuous improvement" product development and production in the process of product development and manufacturing, and strive to reach the advanced level of the world automobile parts R & D and production, for the world automobile industry to provide  high quality products and satisfactory service!
 wholesale Axle Shaft With Double U Joint

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